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Computer Science & Information Technology


To emerge as one of the premier education and research center in computer science and engineering producing globally competent graduates who serve as valuable resources for the society.


1.To provide quality education in the frontier areas of computer science and engineering by adopting conventional and innovative teaching methods.

2.To create facilities for advanced technologies to promote research and innovation.

3.To provide exposure to latest tools and technologies by improving industry-institute relationsship.

Program Educational Objectives

The Graduates of the program will

PEO1: To provide exposure to engineering fundamentals and state of art knowledge in computer science and information technology.

PEO2: To develop lifelong learning skills, analytical skills, investigative skills, communicative skills, and entrepreneurship skills for a successful professional career in design and development of software in industry or government organizations for solving real world problems. .

PEO3: To prepare students for high education in engineering/technology to enhance their skills and develop expertise.

PEO4: To inculcate professional and societal ethics for effectively serving the society with professionalism, responsibility, and competency.

Program Specific Outcomes

PEO1: Ability to develop software by applying standard practices and strategies using conventional and modern techniques.

PEO2: Analyze and design methods/algorithms to solve problems related to computer based applications.