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Infrastructure & Facilities

The department of CSIT has 150 Computers and various licensed software. The department has an adequate number of laboratories as per requirement. Major laboratories are Research Laboratory, IoT lab, wireless lab, Multimedia lab, Computer/Network Lab. All the laboratories are fully equipped with hardware kits/equipment, software tools, and consumables. These labs have all the basic as well as advanced level facilities to fulfill the requirements of UG, PG, and Ph.D. level courses. These laboratories are utilized by the students and faculty members of the CSIT department for performing the practical experiments, doing the Project Work, and Research Activities. One dedicated lab staff member is always present in each lab ( the responsibility of each lab has been assigned to a particular lab staff ).

Adequate Budget is allocated by the University Administration and expenditure is done from the allocated fund to ensure the repairing of faulty equipment, purchase of consumables, lab equipment’s / hardware kits, and software tools. Individual computers are provided for each student in all labs. A separate lab is provided for projects with all major software installed. A networking lab equipped with Cisco routers, managed Cisco switches, many unmanaged switches, wireless access points, structured cabling systems, software simulation tools, etc. For conducting Cisco certified training programs and Networking experiments. Labs also help the students to understand the basic terminology used in computer programming by using different data types in a computer program. Students can also design programs involving decision structures, loops, and functions.

Rooms Numbers Seating Capacity
Classroom = 05 = 300 Click Here
Seminar Hall = 02 = 200 Click Here
Smart Classroom = 01 = 60 Click Here
Laboratories = 08 = 240 Click Here
Head Chamber = 01 = 01 Click Here
Faculty/Staff Room = 12 = 24 Click Here
Office = 01 = 03 Click Here
Library = 01 = 10 Click Here

Departmental Highlights:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity for students, teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • Most of the labs are equipped with all necessary work-stations and other necessary accessories.
  • Computer lab consists of latest configured computer terminal installed with necessary software.
  • Fully equipped seminar hall and smart classroom.
  • All classrooms are equipped with LED projectors with an uninterrupted power supply.
  • Departmental Library having more than 1500 books on all subjects of B.Tech in Computer Science and Information Technology programme.
  • Most of the Indian Journals are available in Central Library with other books.