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IPR: Intellectual Property Rights

The IPR Cell was aimed to provide Intellectual Property Rights awareness for teachers, research scholars and students. An Intellectual Property Right Cell has been created in the University to create a suitable environment for creation and protection of intellectual property and to coordinate the activities concerning to the Intellectual Property of the University & its affiliated Colleges. The University IPR Cell has own IPR policy as per National IPR Policy Approved by Executive Council of University. IPR Cell in association with other agencies organized seminars, workshops, to publicize the importance of IPR among the teaching community of the University and affiliated colleges. As per NEP 2020; The University needs to bring in new guidelines and policies for explore and enforcement of intellectual property rights, patents and intellectual property management. This Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) policy of the University is expected to promote a competitive and conducive environment for both the curiosity driven and market-driven research and development activities conducted at the University level so as to protect the creation of original works of authorship.

In the 21 Century, appreciation of the commercial value of intellectual property has grown both within the academic community and in the society at large. Concerns related to confidentiality, publication, and ownership of intellectual property are now commonplace. The pace of modern science, Biotechnology, and Artificial Intelligence resulting in new and useful inventions, initiated a need for a central policy in determining the course of the creation, protection, and commercialization of intellectual property in the University. The University seeks to provide an environment for the encouragement of innovative and creative IPR work, the dissemination of knowledge and the advancement of teaching, learning and research. Intellectual Property created out of these activities is recognized by the University as a valuable asset. Presently, MJPRU has dedicated itself in providing the affiliation and know-how with a mission of remaining one of the leading centers of teaching, research ,administration and extension in Social sciences , Education, Pro bono Legal Services, Engineering and Technology through total commitment to excellence in every endeavor.


To creation of human resources in the field of Intellectual Property Rights in the knowledge value for Development of the Nation and advancement of the society.


The mission of the IPR Cell of University to create awareness and provide guidance to academic and non-academic staff, students, scholars, and outside agencies on the practices regarding intellectual property rights and obligations. The recent National Education Policy (NEP-2020) has put major thrust on incorporating skill development, ability enhancement, and a tech-driven approach in teaching-learning processes along with innovation and creativity. The university is committed to creating an enabling system and awareness for IPRs within the student and teacher community.

Objective: Awareness, Inspiration and Assistance

  • To create awareness about IPR within the faculty members and students of the University and its affiliated College.
  • To Organized workshops, seminars and training courses on IPR.
  • To motivate innovators & IPR creators come with new ideas, promote an IPR culture and help them to protect the innovation.
  • To encourage, promote, research pursuits and the academic freedom of its faculty, researchers and students through startup, incubation and research or collaborative Research and Development activities.