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About Teachers’ Reskilling Cell


“It is said that no people can rise above the level of its teachers” (NPE, 1986); and “the teacher must be at the centre of the fundamental reforms in the education system” (NEP, 2020). Given such an important role to a teacher for the nation and in the education system, it becomes all the more important to strengthen and refresh the skill base of teachers on a continuous basis. In higher education system, skill training avenues of professors, whether experienced or new entrants to the teaching profession, are quite few. In this pretext, the establishment of Teachers’ Reskilling Cell in the MJP Rohilkhand University on 21st May, 2021is a welcome step.

The Government of Uttar Pradesh, following the NEP, 2020 guidelines has pushed all the universities and higher education institutions to establish and operate various cells for implementing NEP, 2020 mandate. Teachers’ Reskilling Cell (TRC) has been set with the mandate of following objectives: Objectives of TRC.

  • To prepare annual calendar of training programmes for teachers’ training.
  • To organize teachers’ training programmes.
  • To aware teachers toward various types of regional, national and international training programmes.
  • To aware teachers toward teaching techniques to be used in future.

Scope of TRC

The TRC, MJPRU has been entrusted with the training/ reskilling/ upskilling responsibilities of university professors. Nevertheless, this cell will invite and accommodate outside teachers as well for the benefit of teaching community as a whole.

To be specific the following will be target groups for reskilling/upskilling activities of TRC:

  • Higher Education Teachers
  • Secondary and Higher Secondary School Teachers
  • Primary School Teachers
  • Aaganwadi Workers.

Types of Training Programmes:

The TRC, MJPRU will conduct various reskilling and upskilling programmes which include:

  • Short-term Training Courses (STC)
  • Certificate Courses
  • Training Workshops
  • Faculty Development Programmes (FDP)
  • Summer Institutes
  • Regional/National Seminars/Conferences.

Action Plan:

Keeping in view the availability of resources, the TRC will operate in online as well as face-to-face mode for its activities. The TRC will use various electronic media for spreading awareness toward different teacher training opportunities among teachers at different levels.