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Atal Centre For Artificial Intelligence

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(Establishment under the aegis of NEP 2020 and approved by Executive Counsil dated 08.12.2020 through resolution 6.02 sub-clause 6.02.6)


Atal Center for Artificial Intelligence will foster artificial intelligence based interdisciplinary research and development by bringing together academia, industries, and government for societal and national benefits.


  • To Facilitate Collaboration among researchers from the disciplines of Computer Science, agriculture, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, medical science, and education, etc. From academia and industries for providing AI-based solutions to difficult societal problems.
  • To Promote ethical and genuine research inclusive of AI through unique interdisciplinary partnerships targeting real world problems.
  • To develop skills and technology to enhance human capacity for social welfare.

Our Goals

  • To Create Expert Systems- which exhibit intelligent behaviour, learn, demonstrate, explain, and advice its users.
  • To Implement Human Intelligence in Machines- Creating systems that understand, think, learn, and behave like humans.
  • To Enhance Research Opportunities- Enabling interaction between academicians, scholars, students, and industry to enhance research activities for knowledge creation, problem solving, and academic excellence.

Message from Honourable Vice Chancellor

It gives me immense pleasure that Atal Center for Artificial Intelligence (ACAI) is established at M.J.P Rohilkhand University, Bareilly under the aegis of new education policy. Artificial intelligence has the capabilities to drive true transformation in human lives. The advanced research in artificial intelligence requires collaboration among different fields of science and engineering. The ACAI is a foresight initiative to facilitate multi-disciplinary research for the betterment of the society, environment, and mankind. It also intends to cultivate the collaborations with industry to motivate and nurture the research and development towards real applications. I look forward ACAI to become an asset for the nation in Rohilkhand region.

Breif Introduction

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs according to father of AI John McCarthy. It is a way of making a computer, a computer-controlled robot, or a software think intelligently, in the similar manner the intelligent humans think. One or multiple areas can contribute to build an intelligent system and thus AI deals in creation of Gaming, natural language processing, expert systems, vision systems, speech recognition, pattern recognition, intelligent robots, augmented and virtual reality, data mining, web crawler, precision agriculture, and education, etc.

M.J.P. Rohilkhand University is the only leading University in the Rohilkhand region providing higher education in different disciplines ranging from literature and arts to engineering and medical science. The University has the potential to emerge as one of the premier center of artificial intelligence that can expand and increase development in the region in several ways. The multi-disciplinary environment of the MJPRU has potential to provide breeding ground for artificial intelligence. USA and China are the two leading countries in the AI development. China has a well-supported commitment to AI and it is expected to lead the world by 2030. Lately, India has adopted an strategy to promote the artificial intelligence for economic development. The government think tank NITI Ayog has plans to put resources into AI research to amplify economic development and Indian-made intelligence to compete with the leading countries. The organizations like MJP Rohilkhand University to fufill the goals of the Indian government to place India along with the leading countries. It can play a fundamental role in advancing AI research.

ACAI has the potential to provide the opportunity for the researchers of different disciplines to carry out research for the benefit of the society in Rohilkhand region as well as for the nation. It will serve as platform for the research of different disciplines to collaborate with each other to do interdisciplinary research for the societal and industrial welfare. There are various applications areas where ACAI can contribute such as agriculture, smart city, health care, and education, etc. The Atal Center for Artificial Intelligence will play an important role in the knowledge-driven growth of the region based on innovation. ACAI will serve as a national/international resource on matters related to AI encompassing the following solutions.

1. Performance and risk assessment, stakeholder mapping, and analysis.

2. Implementation of short term and long term training and mentoring programmes.

3. Contributing to the innovation programmes of corporates and industrial sectors through facilitation of technology exchange and assisting
    in orientation of plocies to promote security and development.

4. Convening of expert meetings, national and international conferences workshops orientation programmes internship policy makes
     awareness-raising workshops.

5. Starting of need based certificates, diploma, degree vocational degree programmes in PPP modes with industrial and IT sectors.

6. Promoting research and development activities for providing efficient solutions to real world problems.

Image Name Position Affiliation Email-ID
Prof. K. P. Singh Chief Patron Honorable Vice Chancellor
MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly.
Dr.Brajesh Kumar Office Bearers Associate Professor, Department of Computer SC. & IT
MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly.
Dr. S.S. Bedi Co-Coordinator Professor, Department of Computer SC. & IT MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly.
Dr. Yograj Singh Co-Coordinator Associate Professor, Department of Electronics & Instrumentation MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly.
Prof. Swahiko Shimada Research Collaborator Professor, Dept. of Bioproduction and Environment Engineering
Tokyo University of Agriculture, Tokyo, Japan.
Dr. Rama Rao Nidamanuri Research Collaborator Professor, Dept. of Earth and Space Engineering Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology
Thiruvananthapuram, India.
Dr. Divyesh Varade Research Collaborator Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Jammu
Jammu, India.
Dr. Arfat Ahmad Khan Research Collaborator Department of Computer Science, College of Computing, Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen 40002, Thailand ------