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Syllabus for Affiliated Colleges & University Campus

New Syllabus (National Education Policy)

 BBA (Ordinance & Syllabus)   BBA ( 2nd Semester )
 BBA ( 1st Semester )  Food, Nutrition and Hygiene (Co-curricular course, 1st Semester)
 Environmental Science (U.G.)  B.Sc Computer Science
 Biotechnology (U.G.)  Microbiology (U.G.)
 Hindi Language (B.A.)  B.A. (Music Tabla)
 Music Instrumental Sitar (B.A.)  Music Vocal (B.A.)
 Tourism and Travel Management (B.A.)  Sociology (U.G.)
 Drawing & Painting (B.A.)  Hindi (B.A.)
 Mathematics (U.G.)  Agriculture (B.Sc. Hons.)
 Chemistry (U.G.)  Botany (U.G.)
 Philosophy (B.A.)  English (B.A.)
 Defence and Strategic Studies (U.G.)   Revised  Political Science (B.A.)
 English Literature (U.G.)   Revised  Urdu (B.A. 1st Year)
 Urdu (B.A. 2nd Year)  Urdu (B.A. 3rd Year)
 Economics (B.A.)  Physical Education (B.A.)
 Psychology (B.A.)  Commerce (U.G.)
 Sanskrit (B.A.)  Zoology (U.G.)
 Physics (U.G.)    Revised  Home Science (B.A.)
 Persian (B.A.)   Revised  Statistics (B.Sc.)
 Education (B.A.)  Geography (B.A.)
 LL.M.  Industrial Chemistry
 History (B.A.)  Functional Hindi (B.A.)

Syllabus of Vocational Courses ( NEP-2020 )


Undergraduate Syllabus


Postgraduate Syllabus

Technical Syllabus

Undergraduate Syllabus-New

Postgraduate Syllabus-New

Other Syllabus