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Department of Applied & Clinical Psychology


The department was established to provide and generate psychological knowledge among students and teachers through theoretical and practical inputs.The department is also committed to impart quality education and conduct research in order to generate psychologically skilled man power to provide services for the betterment of society at large.


  • The mission of the post-graduate course is to fulfill the gap between need and availability of trained psychological personnels to work as psychologists, counselors, teachers and researchers in our society.
  • To provide an academic milieu to students and teachers so that they develop knowledge in the field of psychological theory and practice.
  • To help students acquire professional values,ethics and sense of citizenship through quality education and research activities.
  • To develop a scientific understanding of human behaviour among students and researchers to bring them at par with contemporary standards.


The objectives of the course are :

  • To prepare students who would be required in hospitals ,rehabilitation centres and educational institutions .
  • To train students for various psychological services such as psychological testing, educational and vocational guidance and counsultancy .
  • To help the students acquire technical knowledge of psychological basis of learning, so that they can provide psychotherapy .
  • To prepare students to work as psychologists, counselors, practitioners, managers, teachers and researchers in the field of psychology .
  • To prepare students for consultancy and co-ordination in the areas of special educational services .