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Department of Chemical Engineering

विद्यां ददाति विनयं
Vidya Dadati Vinayam
Buddhist quote in the Dhammapada means “Knowledge Generates Humility”


To produce knowledgeable, skilled, and committed Chemical Engineers with adequate input from Humanities, Science, Engineering, and Technology to effectively tackle the challenging problems of the contemporary world and be the Centre of excellence in Chemical Engineering Education, Research, and Consultancy.


  • To provide an education that inspires students to try for the best in intellectual attainment, professional competence, and disciplined work culture.
  • To provide an academic and professional environment in the department that enables students to excel in chemical engineering knowledge-wise and practice.
  • To respond to the ever-changing needs and aspirations of society.
  • To explore the possibility of Department-Industry Interaction leading to a fruitful exchange of ideas and consultation. To establish a good rapport with the alumni.
  • To impart soft skills and stress on character, commitment, and quality.


  • Ignite critical thinking in students
  • Promote the reading of books and
  • Take an interest in solving societal problems.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) :

  • Graduate pursues profession in Chemical and Allied Engineering.
  • Graduates work in diversified team.
  • Graduates will pursue higher education and research

Program Specific Objectives (PSOs):

  • Apply the fundamentals of mathematics, science and engineering knowledge to identify, formulate, design and investigate complex problems in chemical engineering and its complimentary disciplines.
  • To make the students a problem solver with a breadth and perspective on modeling, methods and to develop ability to generate reasonable solutions of complex problems related to chemical engineering and allied fields.
  • To prepare the students to use variety of relevant software tools and methodologies and make them up-to-date with the current state of art technologies.
  • To make aware the impacts of professional engineering solutions in societal, environmental context, show professional ethics and be able to communicate effectively.

Course Outcome :

B. Tech program in Chemical Engineering is aimed to develop required in their students to excel in their work in the process industry. More specifically, the learning outcomes of this program are as follows :

  • The ability to apply the knowledge gained in Chemical Engineering concept to solve real life problems in industry.
  • The ability to apply knowledge while pursuing higher studies.
  • The ability to analyze and interpret the data gained generated in the lab/plant.
  • The ability to define the problem and formulate Chemical Engineering problem.
  • The ability to make changes in the process in order to get the product of specific property demanded by the customer.
  • The ability to use economic criterion to evaluate the feasibility of any process to be successful.
  • The ability to use modelling and simulation tools for Chemical Engineering process.
  • The ability to communicate and put the ideas effectively.