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Department of Animal Sciences


“To reach the pinnacle of academic excellence by adopting the modern cutting edge technology for teaching and training of science students; who will utilize their knowledge and skill for giving their best to the humanity.”


The Department of plant science has been a leader in providing quality education since from its establishment. Our mission is aimed at not only students, faculty, and industry, but also the community on local, national and international levels:

Prepare students for careers in industry, academia, and government organizations by fostering in them the theoretical and practical knowledge and also interpersonal skills necessary to succeeding in their fields, as well as the foundation for lifelong learning.

We nurture research, innovation and outreach leadership among its faculty and students, in areas of science that are critical to the national and international context.


  • To Provide exposure to new technologies of science to enhance their skills.
  • To Inculcate social and professional ethics to serve the society with professionalism, responsibility and competency.
  • The Department offers generic electives to non-departmental students to better their understanding of science and plant science (i.e., Computer science and Philosophy of science; Plant Diversity and Human Welfare).
  • As a part of their dissertation assignment, we send selected students to the leading laboratories of the different universities for training.
  • The department is offering consultancy services to farmers as well as industries to get the clean environment of the city.