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Central Library

With the establishment of university in 1975, an idea of a central library also emerged. But it could be actualized only after the university attained its residential character in 1985 and thus central library came into existence in a rudimentary form in the administrative block. In 1989, the then vice-chancellor Dr. B. B. Singh Bisen took an initiative to differentiate the library from other offices of the administrative block and appointed an O.S.D. especially for the library. Later on, it was decided that separate building for the library may be constructed. On 29th November, 1994 the then Chairman of UGC Prof. G. Ram Reddy laid the foundation stone of library building and on completion it was inaugurated by the then Governor and Chancellor of U.P. Shri Romesh Bhandari on 13th February, 1997. With the rapid development of the university, library needed much more space therefore the then vice-chancellor Prof. Z. H. Zaidi took necessary step in 2003 for the expansion of building. The expanded portion was completed in 2005 and was inaugurated by the then Vice President of India Shri Bhairon Singh Shekhavat on 4th February, 2005. Besides the central library there are also four departmental libraries; one is in the Institute of Engineering and Technology, second one is in the Faculty of Education and Allied Sciences, third one is in the Pharmacy department and fourth one is in the Ancient History and Culture department . The central library is being administered by Hon. Librarian with the help of assistant librarian and twelve supporting staff.

E-Books/Periodicals facility:

  • This facility has been added recently for the better use of library resources. 728 titles of e-books (15 of Animal Science, 28 of Chemistry, 113 0f Engineering & Technology, 32 of Education, 9 0f History, 21 of Hotel Management, 4 of Journalism & Mass Communication, 35 of Law, 34 of Mathematics, 5 of Philosophy, 31 of Physics, 31 of Psychology, 28 of Social Work and 343 of Management) are available on-line through IP address of the university.
  • These may be access at
  • And on-line periodicals may also be access at

Sections of the Central Library:

    The main sections of library are as under:-
    Acquisition/Processing Section:

  • This is an important section of the central library. Through this section new books being selected, ordered and processed for the users. The main subject area is Pure Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Humanities, Social Sciences, Education, Literature, History, Management, Law, etc.

    Book-Bank Section:

  • Book-Bank facility is available for the SC/ST students of the university campus. Through this section books are being issued for a semester. The collection of this section is donated by Uttar Pradesh Samaj Kalyan Vibhag.

    Computer Room Section:

  • In this section a user can access e-books, e-journals, CDs, etc. for reading/research purposes.

    Journals/ Periodicals Section:

  • In this section a user can access e-books, e-journals, CDs, etc. for reading/research purposes.

    Newspapers/Magazines Section:

  • In this section, daily newspapers (Hindi/English) and magazines of general interest are available for the users.

    Reading Room Section (For Teachers and Researchers):

  • This section is especially meant for the research scholars and teaching faculty of the university.

    Stack-cum- Reading Room Section:

  • In this section, the book collection is housed and arranged as per DDC scheme. Issue-Return and reading facility is also available for the users.

    Theses/Dissertations Section:

  • In this section, hard copy of theses/dissertations are preserved and arranged for the reference purposes. Soft copies of the theses (awarded year 2010 onwards) are also available on the university website.


The main sources of funds are UGC grant, university fund, overdue charges, etc. Ministry of Social Welfare, U.P. govt. also donates the books for the SC/ST students. The total collections of central library are 73947 Books (text/reference on and general interest), 1849 back/bound volumes of Journals, 6790 Theses/Dissertations and 567 CD’s (audio/video). Currently 102 print (75 Indian and 27 Foreign) and 1390 on-line Journals are being subscribed. Internet facility is also available for the users. Library opens at 8:00 am to 8:00 pm excluding Sundays and gazetted/university holidays. The library is in process to computerize the complete services relating to the users.

Contact details:

For further information contact details are as under:- Prof. Shyam Bihari Lal, Hon. Librarian, Tel. 0581-2527339 (O), 9412287816 (M) Dr. Subhash Chandra, Asst. Librarian, Tel. 0581-2527339 (O), 8755920640 (M)