Ap. Psychology

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         Course Structure

 Semester I

            Paper         Name of the Paper

             I              Cognitive Psychology

               II              Psychology of Personality

               III             Biological Foundations of Behavior and Neuropsychology                         

               IV             Methods of Behavioral Research- I

               V              Practical (Tests and Experiments)

Semester II

            Paper         Name of the Paper

             I              Applied Social Psychology

                II              Psychopathology

                III             Psychodiagnosis

                IV             Methods of Behavioral Research- II

                V              Practical (Case Study)

         Semester III

          Paper         Name of the Paper

            I               Developmental Psychology

              II              Organizational Behavior

              III             Psychology of Learning Disability

              IV            Clinical Psychology of Childhood Disorder

              V              Practical (Therapeutic Intervention)

         Semester IV

           Paper         Name of the Paper

            I              Psychotherapy and Counseling

               II             Rehabilitation Psychology

               III             Community Mental Health

               IV             Computer Applications in Psychology

               V              Dissertation
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