Ap. Social Science

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Course Structure


Course        -     I        History And Philosophy of Social Work

Course        -     II       Social Case Work

Course        -     III     Social Group Work

Course  -           IV     Social Science Concepts For Social Work-I

Course        -     V      Methods of Social Research

Course        -     VI     Field Work - I


Course        -     VII    Mileu of social Work, Practice and Theories of Social work

Course        -     VIII   Community Work

Course        -     IX     Behavioural  s science Concept for Social Workers

Course        -     X       Social Science Concepts For Social Work - II

Course        -     XI     Human Rights , Social Justice and Social Work

Course        -     XII    Field Work - II

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Course        -     XIII   Social Action   

Course        -     XIV   Social Policy, Social Planning and Social Administration

Course        -     XV    Social Development

Course        -     XVI   Rural and Tribal Development

Course        -     XVII Candidate has to opt either Course (a) or (b) or (c)

Course            -       XVII (a)                Medical And Psychiatric Social Work - I

Course            -       XVII (b)                Criminology And Correctional Administration -I

Course            -       XVII (c) Social Work Industry -I

Course        -     XVIII   Field Work – III


Course        -     XIX   Social Welfare Management

Course        -     XX    Family And Child Welfare

Course        -     XXI   Candidate has to offer one of the following courses compatible to his

                                    choice  of course  Seventeen.     

a)                       Medical And Psychiatric Social Work - II

b)                Criminology And Correctional Administration - II

c)                 Social Work Industry - II

Course        -     XXII    Dissertation and Viva    

Course        -     XXIII   Field Work - IV

Course        -     XXIV  Block Placement : Fieldwork – V, (Twelve week after the semester examination.

Course  -           XXV      Comprehensive Viva - Voce
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