Prof. N. P. Singh
                                                           Dean, Faculty of Education and Allied Sciences,
                                                           MJP Rohilkhand University Bareilly.


          The First and the grandest asset the man could ever have on the earth is education which helps him realise significantly concrete difference in social and ethical manifestations when compared with non-human creatures. Nothing but it is the only education that enables men and women to have a sense of perception, appreciation, deflection, differentiation in various walks of life. To say in capsule, it is education that brings life and justifies our existence. Accordingly after having had a little of this grandest asset, I take it my privilege with immense pleasure to elucidate the faculty of education & Allied Sciences which , as also indicated earlier in conceptual perspective, has the credit of being looked different on the floor of academic height, in minds of not only classes but masses too.

   Of the many faculties existing in MJP Rohilkhand University Bareilly, the faculty of Education & Allied Sciences resorts to special name and fame on national map at various avenues with respect to not only need based courses for the students but also to that of academic zenith. The human and non -human resources of the faculty have rigorously endeavoured with such an unique co-ordination and team spirit during the period of merely less than a decade that it has the prestigious credit of being accredited with A+ grade by the NAAC. Having a motto of students' benefit at the top, a number of courses find due place like teacher education with special/ social needs, general education strengthening social fabric, enabling education with Yoga and information -communication technology, diagnostic education etc., which by and large reveal the real meaning of education in general minds of not only classes but masses too. Like an umbrella the faculty opportune numerous courses of education and allied nature with a view to helping the youth earn their bread and butter; develop personality and strengthen the bond of national solidarity.

     The faculty has harmonious and exquisite composition of seven departments/courses which, in turn, inculcate the spirit of real education through head , hand and heart. As such the faculty is a light falling on the prism and thereby manifesting seven fascinating colours of happiness and health; these seven colours are nothing but the departments / courses viz.1) Teacher Education 2)Social work 3) Applied & Clinical Psychology, 4)Computer Application 5) Applied Philosophy 6)Applied English and 7) Mass communication & Electronic Journalism. All these are tending with enthusiasm for the fullest development of student's personality in the modern world of international understanding and cosmopolitan outlook.
The formal emergence of this faculty with new face comes in the year 1995, when the then administration of University undertook the process of restructuring the faculties existing at the campus. But the actual roots of this faculty in real sense starts in 1986 with a small postgraduate department (M.Ed.) of education by the active efforts of the then Vice-Chancellor Prof. B.B.Singh Bisen. It was his keen and untiring endeavour in the form of a seed sown in soil that in due course of time became colossal to give too many the bread & butter. Initially this M.Ed. department offering M.Ed. course started with one reader and one lecturer to accord the decision of the then Executive council held on May 12,1987. It will not be irrelevant to mention that in beginning the departmental functioning including office and class were being smoothly run in single room. In Qualitative perspective the number of students was only 10.The encouragement of Prof. B.B.Singh Bisen the then Vice -Chancellor and who was usually known more for his own style of administration than as a person, was such that motto and aspirations were not at all thwarted by space-crisis. The qualitative activities went on and the department produced first N.E.T. Scholar in 1991. It was rigorous effort of the then faculty while day and night in the field of teaching , research and projects that the department was commendably up-graded to I.A.S.E. in 1995 by Ministry of Human Resource & Development.

     It was the remarkable year 1995 when faculty was re-structured in the face of education and allied sciences. From here the tree of faculty began to see significant growth in not only academic branches but also in terms of massive facilities including human resources and infrastructure. Needless to say various allied courses came up one by one for the students who were seen longing to quench their thirst. During the course of two years older departments were opportuned to add new curricular wings in the form of Special Education on the one hand and younger departments / courses came into existence e.g. Applied Philosophy, Applied English, Social Work, Applied & Clinical Psychology, Computer Applications and Mass Communication & Electronic Journalism; on the other hand ; all of these are marching ahead on their path with the motto of drawing out the best in student. The prestigious credit of A+ grade award by NAAC is the result of academic contribution of all the departments/courses of the faculty in team spirit with ready co-operation of whatsoever capacity they possessed. Here the faculty of education & allied sciences earnesty records the sincere contribution of our previous Deans namely Prof. Beena Shah, Prof. Girijesh Kumar & Prof. N.N. Pandey and betroths to keep on the traditions and spirit glowing. Apart, the faculty and other staff is highly co-operative and venturing towards academic height with goal and dedication. In nut shell , it is hoped that faculty will again realise its latent power and move ahead to concretize its mantra (Not words but only action help acquisition of goals) which seems to have no substitute for the search of peace, prosperity health& happiness in present age of international understanding & cosmopolitan outlook.

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